Art workshop descriptions
Each class is 2 hours long
Ages: 13–18
Class size: 30 students
All materials are included in the price
Canvas Painting
canvas paintingowl
New !
-Owl Face
By following our lesson of adding layers you will create a striking image of an owl up close and personal.
– Night Sky
We will lead you step-by-step to create a star-filled night sky with silhouettes of a hillside and trees. It’s amazing what you can create with four colors and some easy brush techniques!
– Underwater Coral Reef
Paint a coral reef and sealife on a canvas using dramatic silhouettes!
Looking up from the bottom of the sea we will create a painting using dramatic silhouettes of coral reef and sealife in black paint. Using different tones of blue mixed with white your eye will be drawn to the starburst of sunlight above.
NEW! for Halloween
Day of the Dead Altar
Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico between October 31st and November 2nd. Day of the Dead is a festive occasion, a time to celebrate, much like a family reunion. Making an altar (or ofrenda as it’s sometimes called in Spanish) for the occasion can be a way for you to honor the life of someone who was important to you, or remember your ancestors. We will use a small wooden coffin and add our own colorful festive decorations and images.
Wayne Thiebaud/Cake Sculpture
Cake Sculpture
Create a sculptural piece of “cake”! (Sorry you can’t eat it.)
Inspired by artist Wayne Thiebaud’s luscious images of desserts we will make a three-dimensional slice of cake using everyday materials: cardboard, masking tape and paint. Use your creativity to personalize your slice of cake.
Anamorphic Drawing
Anamorphic drawing
Anamorphic drawing uses forced perspective to create an illusion. We start with basic shapes such as a sphere or cube and create a series of drawings e.g.a sphere can be a baseball, beach ball, a face, etc.. When you look at the drawing 1 to 2 feet away the object looks like it’s floating!